No Photo Available
Isn't afraid of anything
Rank Destroyer
Gender Male
Race Human
Saber Choice Single
Master Y/N No
Status Active

"Bio" is my nickname, short for "BiologicallySuper."

I joined about three or four years ago, actin' all cool, emo and Dark Jedi-like. By some miracle, I got myself into the clan. From then on, I spent a lot of time just hanging out and trying to rank up, looking for a name for myself.

After a while, I hit a plateau and went into a state of inactivity, but later on, I came back. Then went inactive again. Then came back.

Then went inactive.


And then I just started lurking the forums and chatboxes that DJE had set up, only to be found playing on the servers irregularly.

As for the "name" I was seeking for myself, I never really found. I'm just the member that hides in the backdrop. I'm not exceptionally skilled, nor am I a terrible player. And it is more than likely that I will always be a lone Destroyer; a remnant of the clan and a piece of history.