Poke Master
Rank Master Sith
Gender Who knows
Race African American
Saber Choice Single
Master Y/N Yes
Status Retired

Enter The WigglesEdit

Boon was a bit of an oddball, always playing on different servers, none the less, he joined DJE and soon became Master Sith. He was problematic at best, usally reling on pokes and wiggles to gain the competetive edge against people, He became MS after winning a small turniment, sadly he wasn't very intrested in sticking around.

Exit The BannedEdit

Boon left one day after gaining Master Sith, he returned a week later, and had a scuffle with Leadarc, this resulted in him being banned on DJE Training. It was then that he began to show his true colors, soon after he would clear the ban list using cvar unlockers, and also demanded an apology from Leadarc. Leadarc agreed and a truse was drawn.


Boons tale and legacy would of ended as a unfortunate story until Leadarc did come around and learn a thing or two about Single stances. For that, he deserves a place here in our articles.