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Guardian of the Code

Infernal GuardianEdit

Infernal Guardians, once named Sith Guardians is a title given to members who have no true place but to be by the Lord himself and defend the clans secrets as well its members. they become the voice of the lord when he is not present and speak on his behalf.

Earn the titleEdit

To gain this title simply bring it up to the council or Lord. If you truly wish for it it may be given to you.

Guardian RoleEdit

Main purpose for this rank is for the member to uphold the Code of Conduct and security on the servers and forums. They also appear in the place of the Lord & Master of the Brotherhood are unable to appear. Following Roles:

  • Monitor the server and forums and uphold rules
  • Keep secrets safe from others
  • Protect the members from trouble, On and off the servers
  • Keeping peace between Allies
  • Uphold the Code of Conduct

Council MemberEdit

As the title says they too are part of the Council and have there own say in debates and discussions.