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Big Brother

Master of the BrotherhoodEdit

One of the clans hard to reach ranks. The master of the brotherhood, changed from Master Sith is a title of its own. Its the right hand of the clan next to the Lord. The Lord is the Father of the clan so that makes it the Big Brother.

Brotherhood RoleEdit

MB is the same as the title of Lord. He or she is in command of all things in the clan. When the lord is away or can't uphold his or her duties, the MB would take command and fill in the seat til they return. As the title states, they are a Master so they too can have a Apprentice if they deem so.

Gain the titleEdit

To gain this is very simple but risky. You have one chance and when it says one chance it means one chance to gain it, after you fail that is all you got.*There been times where second chances were given just to fill the role but rarely* The following are ways to gain the title:

  • Challenge the current MB for the title. Win 10/10 without fail.
  • The current most retire from the clan and offer it up for grabs by other means.

-Retire is the same as quit.

Council MemberEdit

Like the Lord, they too are in the council.