Rank Shadow Commander
Gender Male
Race Human
Saber Choice Single
Master Y/N None
Status InActive

Hello there I am Polter, Shadow Commander of the Dark Jedi Empire.

I have been a member of the clan for a number of years now, I have been a mapper for the clan, and also a loyal member who likes to just relax on the server and chat with the members.

Polter was raised as a young jedi by the Master White Knight in the clan of UoL. He was trained to be a master of the light side, and mastered all types of sabers. Then later he was trained in the force by Venethiel in CoL. He then was betrayed, and fought off the Lords of the sith when the Council of Light was attacked by surprise. We fought for hours until eventually we were defeated and taken prisoner. As I sat in a prison cell, I was fascinated how I had been bested by the dark side. So I decided to abandon my original roots, and join the Dark Jedi Empire. I passed time by using skills I had learned from one of my fallen brothers, Arkan. He had taught me the skill of mapping, and it is through this that I was able to create the <{DJE}> Hangout map. Though I have a shaky history I am loyal to the brotherhood, and will defend against any threats that may appear in the future.

  • Part of my map
  • Another part of the map
  • I was bored so i made this :P
  • Hilt Concept art by me