Rank  ???? (Previously Destroyer)
Gender Male
Race Human
Saber Choice Dual-Wield/Double-Saber
Master Y/N None
Status Inactive


Sucks at keeping promises and might never return but if he does, will probably still be pretty cool and will try to contribute.

At some point, made some of the art stuffs for DJE when first messing with GIMP; gave up on his dream to become a Graphic Designer because the industry sucks. Doing menial work now that pays well. Not miserable, so that's good.

Last known status: Still too busy with life/fiance to even have time to game. Face buried in SWGOH Mobile Game during his commute. Barely getting 6 hours of sleep every night.

Words from beyond: "Still miss DJE; I'm getting an itch that is all too familiar beckoning me to spar with fellow Dark Jedi."