No Photo Available
Rank Master
Gender Male
Race Human
Saber Choice Staff
Master Y/N Leadarc
Status Retired


Yuku was a raw member, first joining back in 2009 as a warrior in the making. He spent his time not saying much, and simply played and left without really being all that memorable. Although he did become a master, it wasn't much of a shocker for Yuku as he was generally a quiet guy. 

The New KidEdit

When Yuku first joined he was in the group of the fresh batch of players who just joined JKA because of steam. Nothing in this time was prolithic about him, he always did his job and never fought with anyone, because he was staff, Leadarc took to him and trained him making him a master by 2010. 

Disapperince Edit

Yuku disappeard one day, after Leadarc shut down his "Side Project" an unofficial DJE lugormod server. What happed to him is unknown but as always he will be remembered as an extrodinary member of DJE.